CAPEMA is the Chamber of Argentine non-profit private companies , founded in 2015 for the representation and management of the interests of the Argentine private companies providing tracking, monitoring and control of risk events by means of non-intrusive tools such as the dual electromechanical devices- GPRS and Satellite- to all cargoes in transit within the national territory for Customs control. Being an essential and valuable link in the fight against drug trafficking and smuggling.

This group of companies is made 100 % by national funds and develops its products both software and hardware with Argentinean labor.

Due to its professional background and federal projection it provides the best forum for exchange, debate and analysis of the constant challenges the Customs control faces.

With presence in most provinces through the Chamber Member companies, the Chamber actively participates in industry-related events both locally and internationally.

In full compliance with the WCO (World Customs Organization) alignments and recommendations.

Its current interest is focused on the future and the needs of the sector that are constantly changing. The Chamber, through its members, has begun to design the future, and cordially invites you to be the protagonist of technological developments that are at present building the future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote, protect and promote the industry development in technologies of electronic tracking devices and security that help governments build up more secure borders in the fight against theft, drug trafficking and smuggling.

Foster, individually or jointly, initiatives that can contribute to the knowledge and dissemination of our activities at national and international levels.

Promote the production of Argentinean software and hardware in non-intrusive security technologies.

Promote professional growth and specialized training of our Members, encouraging training activities, designing training courses, and participating in seminars, conferences and events.

Develop knowledge of new technologies through research activities, research and development, including the creation of innovative projects, analysis, data processing and dissemination of results.

Manage services to meet the needs of public and private Member companies.

Organize fairs, exhibitions and cultural activities related to our business.

Establish agreements with public and private entities.

Assist and collaborate with the use of technology in the fight against smuggling, drug trafficking and theft in all its forms and manifestations.

Our Vision

Become Leaders in Argentina and Latin America in this range of non-intrusive monitoring products.

Our Activity

Our activity is based on the development and manufacture of devices and software to track any type of cargo in transit throughout the national territory.